Custom Buildings Alpha 10

So, I made a 27x27 building with 2 floors, and saved as a schematic, but when I place it in the world it thinks it needs like 20 sets of ladders going into the floor ontop… and when these ladders are built they cant be removed like normal ladders :frowning:

Seems they are done… but they havnt torn any scaffolding down, nor have they put up a roof :L

If someone wants to look @ the schematic, I’ll post a pastebin for it below

has the building been finished yet?

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They were there the moment the building was placed as a schematic, but I’ll update it after the building is fully made

the ladders should be removed after its complete,

though its wierd that they were there when the schematic was placed…


No longer building, and it doesn’t even have the roof :L (Look at OP again for new pic)