Can't add a model with extreme amounts of Matrices (over 50)

I was Modding out new and emproved TMC mod and was trying to test Arachne

(this is a render in Blender)

She has a Whopping Number of 64 Matrices (including helper bones)

Apparently SH only loads to 50 of them witch make her missing three of her Right Legs and the Torso and Right Shoulder (witch are in alphabetic order are below 50)

(we can select her where the legs are suppose be though; witch is weird)

do we have any way to make SH load more than 50 matrices? or can we expect a update that makes it possible to load more

because clearly; She looks awesome, but a bit less with 3 legs missing


To illustrate further; here’s how she looks like ingame:


i don’t care what you have to do to make this work in-game… make. it. so. :smile:



Aw, what a waste :cold_sweat:

How many matrices are in her hands? Perhaps you could try to reduce the amount somehow, if she’s always going to be holding the scythe… Although somehow she doesn’t seem to have the fingers split already, so I guess it’s impossible to reduce more because there are still many body parts left that should be separated…

I wonder who might take a look at this problem… maybe @not_owen_wilson ? Or is this not a rendering problem? :disappointed_relieved:


This looks great :open_mouth: @SteveAdamo is right, Someone has to make this work. I had one question though, are you planning on making other beasts like this ?

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@Floppy, check this :smile:

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I’ve seen it ^^. Looks really good, I imagine to see these mods being huge events and the goal is to kill the boss.

Wow, that looks cool!

And yes, this is all my fault: rendering issue. We do all our skinning on GPU, which means we have a limit on the number of bones we can support that is largely dependent on older (OpenGL 2.x) hardware. Getting to 64 bones on such hardware might not be possible (finding hard numbers on old hardware is difficult, though, so I’m basically crossing my fingers and assuming 256 uniform components, which is equal to 64 matrices, but that leaves no room for all the other uniforms we use throughout rendering).

A CPU-skinning-fallback approach is probably the only real solution. Won’t make it for A11, but I think I’ll be able to get it in for A12.


yet another reason to love TR :blush:


If it can be done it would be completely awesome! Though I’m worried if going for CPU skinning will affect performance, isn’t GPU skinning generally the better choice between those two?

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That is some great work there, and a fantastic response from Chris, the support from TR on here really is exceptional :slight_smile:

Hyrule_Symbol; what does she look like as an insect? Or did you want her to be an Arachnid queen? I really want to see this in game :wink:

(edit thanks Drotten :))

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That’s really a question for @Hyrule_Symbol since this, and the mod, is his creation. I’m just helping out with the coding bit. :blush:

But yes on the latter; she’s supposed to be Arachne from the old myths.


Well @BitterRob ; she’ll be a queen! Surrounded by her little(actually pretty big) spider Children.

And when you have a spider that size; you know what they’ll need to eat :smiling_imp:


Well… That’s my minimum @Relyss (and the fingers are separated, it’s just bad animating)
I can’t imagine her with any less mateices, witch is inda sad


So i am slowly working backwards through posts because i apparently messed soemthing up when makeing a settingfor which posts is new and this is bloody amazing.

Also the drider with missing legs is creepy in a way i did not think was possible for stonehearth :slight_smile:

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