Cannot create custom entity with item dropper

I’m still pretty new to modding stonehearth so I apologize if I’m missing something really basic or this has been asked before. I’m trying to create a custom entity and critter nest. The critter nest appears to have worked, however trying to spawn them in manually via the item dropper didn’t work. The dropper autocompletes the uri correctly, however instead of placing the entity the input field turns red and no model is shown. I have logging turned for my mod, stonehearth, and debugtools each with log_level 7 but no errors or relating log entries appear in the log console or log file. The json files are given below,

Entity file: [JSON] { "type": "entity", "mixins": "stonehearth:mixins:monster", "components": -

Population file: [JSON] { "type": "kingdom", "kingdom_name": "FriendlyWolves", "kingdom_id": "frie -

Manifest file: [JSON] { "info": { "name": "Tameable Wolves", "namespace": "tameable_wolves", -

The code posted seems ok, though.
If you want, you can post the whole mod and someone can pick it up to check what is the problem

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sure, here’s the file tameable_wolves.smod (435.5 KB)

and I probably should have posted this initialy but is this the correct entry in user_settings.json to recieve log entries?

"logging" : { "show_console" : true, "mods" : { "tameable_wolves" : { "log_level" : 5 }, "stonehearth" : { "log_level" : 5 }, "debugtools" : { "log_level" : 5 } } },

because it seems weird the the item dropper is encounter some sort of error but I’m not getting anything related to it the log