Can someone send me here the hearthling models to animate?

huh, i’m not sure what that is?
i’ve never seen anything like that

i just tested it out and it works for me

you need to use the Original SH skeleton to set all the origins and then parent all of them so they all end with the root at top

also i forgot to send you the color files

just to make it clear, if you want to animate for an existing model
you’ll have to import and prepare the skeleton, parent all the parts to the correct parents and then hit "prepare animation’ afterwards before animating

Uhm, I’m importing the skeleton but all the origins are still set to 0,0.

The skeleton I’m importing is at data\rigs\entities\humans\skeletons\male.json

Importing it, clicking on prepare skeleton, clicking on prepare animation and then loading the hoe animation makes it have the correct directions and orientations, but everything is far away apart because the origins were wrong.

Are you using the meta file too?

No, which meta file?

There were some in this post, but the German website disappeared:


@Hyrule_Symbol do you have them or you don’t use them?

it’s included in the add-on by default
it’s not reliable it messes things up, but the model shouldn’t be THAT broken

@BrunoSupremo the Meta files make a male animation file altered to attempt to make it work for the female or vice-versa if you’re trying to animate from scratch it’s not that important, but it does come in handy when porting it to a model variant

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from what i read i suspect the skeleton file was altered? perhaps you over-wrote it with a 0 value ny accident? (i’ve done it before)

try opening it up and if the values are all 0 then you should try to extract it again from the game

Well, opening the file in text editors I can see all coordinates are correct, like a lot of “random” numbers.
But in blender all coordinates are at 0,0…

I’m a little confused since the screen-caps you posted have no skeleton loaded according to the UI

All i can think of is something wrond during import of the skeleton

Can you tell me the exact steps you followed?
Or perhaps watch my tutorial of this? Since it does show how to load the skeleton

Edit; also gotta sleep now, sorry. I’ll be sure to check in again once i’m back

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Well, the step by step (as detailed as I can) is as follow:

  • Open Blender.
  • Import the hearthling .obj model. (downloaded from this post)
  • Import the male skeleton from the game at stonehearth\data\rigs\entities\humans\skeletons\male.json
  • Click on the “Prepare skeleton” button. Red light turns on. The debug info says “Skeleton error: Object-names in scene not found in skeleton-file!”
  • Click on the “Prepare animation” button. Red light turns on. Debug info says “Animation error: No root bone found!”
  • Import the hoe animation from the game at stonehearth\data\rigs\entities\humans\animations\male\hoe.json

Now the model is correct in orientations, but as the origins are all at 0,0 the pieces move very far from each other.

I want to add that for previous animations I did in other models I did nothing else than import the model, export skeleton (with origins correctly positioned), animate and export the animation. Without clicking the “prepare skel/anim” buttons.

Make sure to delete any object in scene before importing (e.g. camera / light / cube that come with the default scene in Blender).

Not sure but maybe you have to add the helper bones manually in advance (before importing / preparing the skeleton/animation). But Hyrule_Symbol’s tutorial has the correct steps covered.

Oh, you have tk actually import the skeletons manually in the import tab (alongside the .obj import) before hitting prepare skeleton the program doesn’t know where or what the skeleton file is before you tell it manually

All the helper bones should pop up on their own, just mske sure to parent all of them after you prepare the skeleton

If rhe model pbreaks as soon as you hit the skeleton button then make sure to clear all parents (selec everthing and Alt + P and then clear parents) before praparing the skeleton

If you haven’t you should really watch my tutorial video on this
It’s much easier to understand than text i think

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I think you missed one line from my steps or I’m very confused.

I imported the skeleton and then I hit the prepare skeleton. Unless I did it wrong. It is in the same menu, import stonehearth json
Sem título

Oh, sorry about that i guess i missed that? (Somehow?) but then i’m even more confused since if that’s the case everything should be fine

Didn’t you say there was an extra object? The shoulder? Try removing that and importing the skeleton

That was before doing thing the right way
I will try to manually set the origins, copying from the json… :frowning:

I still don’t get it though, is there any other object in the scene? A light a camera or something that’s not the model?

The add-on want a scene with only the model and blender creates three as default, a cube, a sun light and a camera

Nope, I removed then all. I even saved the blank scene as default, so whenever I open the software it is empty.
I will later try to record me doing this all, maybe I’m missing something very obvious here.

Okay, sure

The only other thing i can imagine being the case is the skeleton being old, since toes were added later after Malley joined, but ATTOVERCOG is also his creation, so if that’s there as seen in the screen-cap it should work