Can I restore a stupidly deleted savegame?

Hello peeps, me again :confused:

So, I got tired and was trying to tidy up my savegames before loading up my latest (and best ever) build game when I stupidly deleted the wrong ‘newsave’ ( I knew I should have gone for overwrite )

So anyway, I deleted the wrong game and before I give up completely and throw my toys out of the pram & go sit in the corner pouting like a girl (sorry girls) … is there some way of getting it back?



Aww my condolences.:cold_sweat: Check your recycle bin maybe?

You probably wont be able to restore it. If you have deleted it ingame, it should be gone for good. If you have overwritten it, it will also be gone. And if you have deleted it manually, you may find it in the recycle bin. But I doubt that that’s the case.