Can i make some suggestions?

I am sorry that I am not good English, everything should be thanks to Google translation。Next I’d like to talk about gameplay.Game developers have played Cube World games,I think we can change the operation of the game to switch by button.1.You can give orders to others to work…2.You can become a person to help with the task.(like cube world)And you’re totally free.You can not do your own command.Others are AI, when you become villain you can choose freely, adventure or yourself to complete the task before
Oh, right… If you join a multiplayer mode, you can also choose the person (Master) who you want to order before you create your room.Others only like cube world,RPG from the perspective of the game,But the master can freely switch mod。If they accomplish the task, you can give some simple rewards,(2 Gold,1 Random skill points or something else.)Multiplayer games,Need to set a parameter Maximum number of players(A total of 9 villagers, 3~4 players, the rest is AI)
Right, about the political system.Like SPORE Tribal stage)Don’t be too complicated, simple.
In addition if there are any omissions or loopholes, we discuss together ~ but I am on the steam on the same post why no one reply me?Stonehearth General Discussions :: Steam Community
Thank U ,and good luck~

u can view this picture to konws … if you can’t see, please click ctrl…+

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The ideas are interesting, however, I personally feel that taking direct control of one of your hearthlings causes the game to lose its city-building feel, which is one of the core components of the game.

Though, giving individual hearthlings a certain task wouldvbe handy.


i guess its time for me to say this, again.

now dont get to excited about this, as it is currently just a “dream” and probably wont be made.

this entire idea is basically what Stonehearth 2 is all about, you go around as a hero, that you design at the beginning, and explore player built citys from Stonehearth 1, and help fight off monsters, etc.

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Then you shouldn’t have said that, cause now I’m excited!

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thus further proving that im actually evil…

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Finally someone replied to me T~T…Yes, I personally feel this is just a game improvement,and thank u~

yes,Although just Alfa, but later will be better and better ~ thank you

I had seen your topic earlier yesterday, but I was busy doing some work so I couldn’t post, plus I wasn’t able to look at the images all that well on my phone.

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=0=no problem,and thank u~

Actually I really would like to have direct control over your Combat Hearthlings. The current method using a Party/Group to send them somewhere to fight is just… Not that user friendly.

well @Ponder is overhauling the way the partys will work…

@8BitCrab that’s good to hear! I love devs that listen to their community. :blush:

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well then you definitely will love these devs :smile:


I would be all for direct, or at least better, control of Hearthlings in combat. However, I agree that for the bulk of the game I’d rather keep it without direct control. As @Dracorexion said it is, in my opinion, a core part of the feel of the game. As the party system is being worked on, I guess we should wait and see how it works after that.