Building Designer required item pane does not scroll when too many items are listed

if you have a lot of different items in one building and the list of required items gets too long there is no way to scroll down
the house/ building is constructed just fine but you can not see the full list because the save/edit/cancel/ build buttons are blocking some items and the others are off the screen completely

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Duplicated the issue, can confirm. Paging @Ponder.

the link broke>.<

unless its just me that the pict is not working

@Fralee, what link is not working? I can see the picture in the original post quite clearly, and I didn’t make any links in my post…

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sorry it was my web browser that was causing my picture to go missing. it seems to have fixed itself

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Confirming that this is still an issue in A14 @yshan.


Still an issue in A15. Paging @sdee, can be reproduced with any large building, have attached one as an example.

my new building (52.6 KB)

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Same, had this happen with a big building I created (that also won’t build in alpha 14 or 15).

Attached. (60.3 KB)