Building Design Bug

As you can see from this picture (not very well. Camera angle is locked so I can’t give you a top-down view of the layout], I place innerwalls within the building. It didn’t work out very well when placing roofs.

So we still can’t make rooms within houses without doing it manually. :frowning:

Anyways, I can’t undo the mistake. That is the bug. Rollbacks are impossible now. and so is the deletion of the building plan. I’m stuck with the building plan forever and ever. Amen brother. (I know I can reload, lest some person here suggest I reload a save. My God, smite mine enemies before mine eyes lest I befall a tragic demise at the hands of these foul philistines.)

I beseech thee, oh mighty dev team, to look into mine post and shine thine grace upon me in the form of a reception of thine angels. Yet, I shall verily accept a reception of a hail of rebuke. For thou art eternal and I, not so. Praise be unto thee and may all joy and bathe in thine glorious radiance.

Every morrow, I oft weep unto mine self. But no pain cannot be endured for by the might of the devs, perchance a rainbow sighting, that I would endure all things by the grace of thee.
See him in the temple.
Talkin with the elders
who marveled at his wisdom
LAWWD be PRAISEDDD. For mine soul has been redeemed at thine holy hands. Fie, FIE on all blasphemers who dare naysay thou holiest of heads.


Try starting the build then cancel, although if they start digging out the foundations you end up with holes in the floor

Maybe try destroying it with the console…? :confused:
(I don’t remember if it was possible)

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“Philistines! Philistines!”, cried the boy who cried philistines.

But the villagers were too enamored with the idea of stoning the boy who cried philistines. And in doing so, the philistines came and razed the village after beheading each and every one of the villagers, one by one.

The end.

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