Bug when removing one structure under another

The same engine error when trying to build one structure on top of another, then remove the lower structure.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build a foundation with height=1 from slabs
  2. Put a building from template on top of that foundation. Start constructing it. The building in now above ground level and doesn’t require a foundation pit dug up. However the building’s native foundation visually overlaps our foundation from slabs.
  3. Pause building construction before it is finished. Select the foundation we’ve made from slabs and order to [Remove] it.
  4. As soon as the last brick of this foundation is removed (leaving only our half-finished template building), the error shows up.

Expected Results:
Removed artificial foundation, lifted building.

Actual Results:
The procedure in general completes successfully. The building can be finished and functions properly. However when the artificial foundation is completely removed the engine shows this error:

release-549 (x64)std::logic_error: 'invalid reference in native get_id'stack traceback: [C]: ? [C]: in function 'get_id' radiant/modules/entities.lua:301: in function 'get_world_grid_location' ...rth/services/server/build/scaffolding_builder_2d.lua:186: in function '_create_builders' ...rth/services/server/build/scaffolding_builder_2d.lua:171: in function '_on_project_changed' ...rth/services/server/build/scaffolding_builder_2d.lua:129: in function <...rth/services/server/build/scaffolding_builder_2d.lua:128>



Version Number and Mods in use:
0.15.0 rev. 549

System Information:
Win7 x64


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