Black screen with music and curser

I just got this game and whenever i log in it goes to a black screen with music and curser and after an hour it may go to the home page and then whatever i click on it does nothing:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Run game

Expected Results: Game runs

Actual Results: Black screen with curser

Notes: After a long time it may go to main menu where i cant do anything


Version Number and Mods in use: 0

System Information:

Press f5

I tried it does nothing and i have no mods and plenty of space

You need to press f5 only after some time, and then wait a few more, as it will attempt to restart the whole interface

It got me to the menu screen then I still wasn`t able to click on anything no mater what I click on it does nothing.

Edit i have a touchscreen and mouse laptop when I touch the screen it does stuff then stops and to do anything i have to touch the screen again witch is bad because its impossible to do anything in game even move the camera

Touchscreen is the problem