Bad frame transition to start from stopped -lua error

Did it crash the game or were you able to close the message and continue to play. Because It looks like Micha Strodem was chasing something and had a glitch in their animation. This could be a one time thing based on many different situational factors.

chase_entity_action.lua and chase_entity_until_targetable_action.lua are the only chase_enitity files I can see.

bad frame transition to “start” from “stopped”

I did find this

So uploading your stonehearth.log may shed some light on this.

@sdee did this ever get resolved?

no it didnt crash the game where would i find my stonehearth.log

it should be in the main stonehearth folder. Mine is at Steamlibrary/steamapps/common/stonehearth.

however I think it may be the latest one so starting a new game may have overwritten it. If you start the save were the error occurred and it triggers again. save that one.

stonehearth.log (1.5 MB)

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I looked through this one and did not see any errors or assertion failures. It will take someone better at this than me to find the cause.

the errors there ctrl f and type error and youll find it

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yup I see it now, I had check up on my find menu and not down…been a long day. This should be the stuff that will point the devs in the right direction.

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