[Any version] Unit/Door Clipping

This has been bugging me for… well forever actually, but recent talk in the building feedback thread finally pushed me over the edge.

Simply put, doors need to be raised up to roughly the level of the interior floor, else you get the situation in these pics:

Ignore the fact that she’s clipping into the side for now (!) and notice her lower half…

She’s into the building, with her head passing through the upper frame of the door. Doh.

More or less fully in now.


  1. On the issue of clipping through the top of the door, it seems to me that the door is the right height for the hearthlings, but not when they must immediately go up one level. Dropping the floor into the ground, or raising the door up to the level of the floor, would avoid this (doors could have little fancy steps leading up to them perhaps).

  2. On the issue of clipping the side of the door, perhaps have a couple of invisible waypoints implemented dead centre on either side of the door: units must pass through these two to use the door, thus forcing them to go through the centre of the doorway.