ACE Tuesday #01 "Foundation"

You think it’d still go crazy if you cut up your awesome tree into seperate bounding boxes in its. Qb file?, might be worth a shot

The reason it went floating is because the game tried to spawn it based on the bottom most collision, where it touches the ground. For that area, it could spawn, but the branches were colliding with something else and as such the game moves it up, and try again. It will fall and the cycle will repeat. It does that because if it was just a single big box, lifting it up would work, it would be placed on top of whatever blocked it spawn at first


Indeed, I did make it work on a more plain area later. But the amount of collision boxes and the complexity of the shape overall became quite… something.

It’s cool in a way because you could even build tree houses on that tree :merry:

But on the downside it makes spawning it quite chaotic, even if just on a landmark. I’m now experimenting on giving collision only to the main trunk and larger branches, seems to work better so far :merry:


Just wanted to let you know that I finally had a moment to watch all three of these last night. :slight_smile: You all make my heart three sizes larger. <3 <3 <3


Sounds like a dangerous medical condition :wink:


Are you guys planning on adding a way to edit already finished buildings? That is the biggest problem for me :frowning:

I love building but if I want to expand a building or change it later it just ruins it for me.


Obviously we’d like to, but while it’s probably technically possible, it might not be practical. I don’t know how much would need to be reworked to make it happen.


Is there maybe another way to solve the issue that comes with not being able to edit finished buildings? Currently I have to destroy a building every time I need to edit it whatsoever. Destroyed a castle because I wanted to add one door and remove one wall.

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A sort of workaround is to build your larger buildings (or buildings you think you might want to adjust) as multiple separate buildings. You can then destroy those individual buildings (sections of your large building), rather than having to destroy the whole thing.


@paulthegreat – Sadly, in doing so, one also removes the ability to hide upper floors (when adding those modularly). Also, rebuilding removed parts may be impossible, as blocks may require to be placed where the hearthlings can’t reach. Even just building a roof on top of a room, that contains manually placed furniture may trip up the AI.