Ability to return to main menu from startup screen

I think it would be good to be able to return to the main screen from the startup screen you get when you click “New Game” from the main menu (the one where you reroll the world or select a start position within the world it generates), perhaps because you decide you’d rather load a previous game instead. Just a button to allow you to go back would be nice. Probably also would be good if it responds to the key.


seems like a perfectly reasonable scenario… :+1:


A staple of all games with main menus… I certainly hope this will be implemented!

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Instead of having to exit the game and re-launch, a button to go just to the main menu would be awesome.


[SPOILER] indeed there is a main menu button - but at the moment they are not implented [/SPOILER]

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Unable to navigate from choosing a map settlement area back to the main menu.

It has been bugging me since some time, and now I post a screen to show it.
But yes, once you choose to start a new game there is no possibility to actually go back to the main menu.

But you must add a button “back to mainmenu” or something a long the line there.


well im hoping this will be included in alpha 10.5 when they update the entire start UI, as once the game is on steam EA this is a must have in my opinion.

ähm last update 371 … it says NO :wink:

I am missing a way to return to the main menu from the game.
Im new to the game so I might just not have seen it but currently I can only exit the game not return to main menu.

I will give you that the game is exceptionally fast to start up.
But it would be nice to have a way to return to main to start another game.

Agree, specially on testing phase, would be really handy to not have to quit to start a fresh game!

This would still be very good to have, even though this topic is very old. I’m just thinking I want to go back.

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Yes, just now I confused the button and clicked on new game instead of continuing from a saved one.
Had to close and open the game again.

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last i checked, you could actually use the F5 ui reset to get back to the main menu from any of the “new game” screens. :slight_smile: that being said, an official way to get back is definitely needed.

Ops, forgot about that, but…
The refresh is just a restart, it loads everything(?) again. At least in slow computers like what I use, it is as slow as restarting the game.
I think if it just went back to the previous screen it would not have the same delay of loading it all again. Depends on how it would be implemented I guess.

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Casting my vote into the pot for this :grinning: I’ve been waiting for this feature for months, but somehow never bothered to make a post about it… oh well.