Zone Based Buffs

Okay so this is my thinking. It is evolved roughly from another post about the importance of a starting point. It got me thinking about zones being better as a result of something but not the starting location.

So the idea is that you can build an item or items that will boost the productivity of an area. Examples:

  • Crop Growth - Near a water source river/pond/well
  • Harvesting Speed - tool shed / tools on a nearby wall
  • Better quality clothes - Loom in same building as weavers workbench

these are just ideas weather better quality would work by just having a new tool I dont know but the speed boost in a zone may work for the speed of harvesting / crow growth may. What do you guys think?

This picture seems to show that water piping will exist, so perhaps this is already planned.
Good ideas by the way

nice find on that pic shows a number of tools too!

Well we already know, especially in relation to farming, that the team want to have systems in place whereby you can ‘maximize’ your efficiency by concentrating on a system. So for example, you could plant a farm, and it would produce a certain amount of food, but if you place it in the right area, make sure it has water etc. etc. then your harvest will be larger, or you will see more benefits.

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EPICNESS! :smiley: ty for that info

I really like this of the ideas this way there would be a reason to put it inside a tent, house or castle