Zombies ignore attackers. (Alpha 10)

Whilst the zombies are moving towards the center of the village, they ignore people who are attacking them, sometimes they still dont attack when in the middle, they just sit there and die.

How to do it:
Just put your people on alert before the zombies reach the center of the village or send a squad after them.

the zombies will just keep walking while your people pound on them and kill them, much of the time you can kill them off before they even stop walking, they do not defend themselves.


yep, i can confirm this. i was some what disappointed about it, as i was hoping for a challenge.

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@Ponder, that’s a vote for more aggressive movement for the undead!


hmm… perhaps we could get a poll going? or is there already one that i just happen to have missed.

No, no formal poll :wink: More like, “Hey! I’d really like…!” shouted over the monitor at random intervals.


why do we need a poll? the strange ignorant zombies who dont actually want brains and just want to be buddies is INTENTIONAL? what is this.

No, it’s not intentional. :wink: It’s more like, Tony has a lot of bugs to fix, and building errors breaking the world is probably more important. :slight_smile:


XD, good point okay then.

I could just imagine them walking around in the middle of the village asking

Zombie: "can I come in I’ve just been eating the local wildlife I want real food! Its cold out here. Let me in."
StoneHearthian "No"
Zombie:“Oh okay then. Ill just stand here for awhile. and take in the beauty.”

I like how the undead do not attack me so much ( they still do attack some times) due to them coming a good bit like on night one they came and I was like oh ######## I am dead but he my towns people redeaded them. Maybe make them a bit more attacking but not to much :smiley:?

So you made zombies spawn less while still not fixing this bug… they have been reduced to the point of pointlessness, …I like combat and now it’s borderline redundant, perhaps I’m being a bit cynical…but please for the love of cid give people like me some love.

Hm, I thought we fixed this bug in this release. Are you still seeing zombies not attack people as they approach the town? I have 5 tombstones in my current game that indicate otherwise:


[quote=“sdee, post:11, topic:11925”]
I have 5 tombstones in my current game that indicate otherwise:
[/quote] R.I.P @sdee’s Villagers, I will try it and see if it is fixed or not.