[YouTube] Survive the Horde

Team Radiant you have outdone yourselves with this Alpha! I continue to be floored by the tweaks you make to existing content and the new content you guys add. LOVE the LOVE you guys have for this game! You can see it just by playing the game! Keep it up!

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Nice video one suggestion get mining early to stockpile resources so you can quickly so the blacksmith can be leveled fast to gain access to the better weapons and armor i’m on my second play through and in my first i kept being put in tough spots because i didn’t put enough into my blacksmith early. Maybe this helps :+1:
Oh great vid :slight_smile:


Thanks! Yeah my next episode we’re going to start mining…and maybe setup blueprints for a defensive wall surrounding our little settlement!

Thanks for the tip and the kind words!

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Wow this video is SUPER late. Going to get back to this series as I LOVE THIS GAME TOO MUCH!!!

Feels good to get back into this game/series!!! Enjoy!

Finally get that Knight!

Couldn’t put this episode down! It’s a two parter :wink: