[YouTube] StoneHearth Banto



Expanding Silverrock Ep 18
A lot of custom thing going on in this new building and more to be


Livestream going live in a few minutes.
Link at top post


My village


:smiley: nice town there grind that wheat!


Latest Weavers House

Town So Far :slight_smile:


Latest Livestream on Mountainvale is Now Up!
Had a lot of fun this stream :slight_smile: getting more and more fun both streaming and making more advanced houses


Silverrock Episode 19
Finally building the new house :smiley:


Next Livestream today around 21:00 / 9PM CEST


Late night ^^. Are u streaming 3 hrs?


Something around that i think :slight_smile: had to much other stuff to do and uploading next youtube vid now :slight_smile:


True, true. Im @work, might jump in around 11cest


:smiley: nice !
Cya later on stream then maybe :slight_smile:


Enjoy the streaming! Ps, new mic works well :wink:


Will do and Nice :D!


Little Things
adding a lot more small things to spice up the town


Mountainvale is Growing Livestream Town


Mountainvale Livestream Ep 5


Expanding the Walls
Silverrock Episode 21


Expanding the Walls Pt2


thought u were goin live today :stuck_out_tongue: i got this cold, so im delayin the stream for some roads and stuff