[YouTube] StoneHearth Banto



Staxel - Catching Bugs and Insects
another episode of this beautiful game :slight_smile:


Öhm its the wrong game?!?


Majestic Walls
decided it was time for something much bigger than before and can’t wait too see them actually built :smiley:


I love the walls and the farm building!


Glad you like them :smiley:

Next episode going live in 40 min


Big Home
Decided to try some different shapes for this big house. might move it more towards the center of town later on


Stonehearth A23 - New Houses for our Hardmode Town


I really like the appearance of you buildings. Also that you try to make single, realistic rooms. But sometimes they seem to be a little bit to tiny (the rooms). The Hearthlings doesn’t feel cramped in this rooms?


I have to research if it’s to cramped but probably might be :slight_smile: feel like it’s a bit hard sometimes to build houses big enough on the inside without the outside becoming too big.


:heart: Happy Valentines Everybody :heart:


Sometimes i start with the single room, by placing already all furnitures inside and than build the other rooms. But you are right… The Houses get tooo big when you proceed this way xD


Hehe :slight_smile: well at least that way it’s easier to see through the walls if you do custom slab walls :slight_smile: looks like this new building system is gonna be a blessing. Too small room? no problem just drag :smiley:


Yeah i’ve seen the new DT :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Can’t wait to test it myself.


Goblins and Golems Everywhere
a bit chaotic atm so will have to wait with expanding town with new houses


Is someone fro SH team working on art in Staxel? Your videos made me realise some of their art is somewhat similar to SH (some windows and doors look like copy-pasted from SH).



Going live in ~15min