[YouTube] StoneHearth Banto



Thank you :smiley: happy holidays and soon happy new year to you too :slight_smile:


First episode of 2018

Finally back after xmas, holidays and the new year has started :slight_smile:


Forging Weapon and Armor
Blacksmith from Kingdoms and Castles


Kingdoms and Castles
This is the game that i design houses from in my latest Stonehearth Series :smiley:
Will do some of the bigger builds soon in Stonehearth


New Facial Expressions :smiley:
Loving these new animations for our hearthlings faces and eye colors :blush:


Castle Speed Build
One of the bigger builds of this town in this episode :slight_smile:


The Ogre and Kobolds
Now it will get a bit tougher with these guys :slight_smile:


Walls, Towers and Gate
Download to them all on the video description and required mod included :slight_smile:


Fortify Our Kingdom
Today is also my birthday :slight_smile:


Otanjลbi omedetล gozaimasu :blush:


Ogo Skullbonker!
Heโ€™s finally here to test my Kingdom :slight_smile: :crossed_swords:


New Game Mix of Stardew & Minecraft
Might be something you guys like aswell :slight_smile:


STAXEL - Starting to gather and do more stuff
feels like this game is gonna be a good mix between Stardew Valley, Minecraft and Cubeworld :slight_smile:


Wow these cows are cute


Stonehearth continues soon aswell


New Adventure in a New Town :slight_smile:
Decided it was time for a new town since ai was breaking for the previous town from unstable branch and now we can start using all these amazing mods created by amazing people :smiley:


A new city is born! You works are always an inspiration! Keep going on. Iโ€™m really curious how you will fill this space :smiley:

Iโ€™m glad you like the new integrations @Banto! And i really appreciate that you test the models so if there are problems i can fix it immediatly :slight_smile:


Thank you makes me happy to hear and thanks for creating this beautiful mod for us to use :smiley:


Our Adventure Continues
a New House that i designed off screen that i might be using for this town is shown in todays episode


Building a Big Farm House
Decided to scrap the previous house and made this big place instead :slight_smile: