[YouTube] StoneHearth Banto



Tall Buildings
New buillding for the new Town District


Latest Livestream on Youtube
Welcome to the Swamp


Going live on Twitch in 10 min :slight_smile: !


Back with Kingdoms and Castles
Not Stonehearth but a game i think many Stonehearth players will enjoy :slight_smile:


Latest Livestream on Youtube Episode 2

Playing in the amazing swamp biome alpha 22.5


Episode 3 with Kingdoms and Castles

This week i will be livestreaming again on Twitch :slight_smile:


Livestream 19:00 / 7pm GMT+1 Today


New Bantonia Hardmode Episode
Cleaning up the farm a bit and having some soldier issues as always :smiley:


[Livestream Upload - Swamp Pub
sorry for my voice having a cold which hopefully is over soon :smiley:


Checking out the Latest Unstable Alpha 23
Decided to do this totally without mods for the Core Alpha 23 Experience!
This will be a playthrough to explore the latest features


Proceeds to remove even the Rayya Children, that was mean! :smile:
PS: Archipelago mod does not work at all in 767, to a point it stops the game from starting. If you want to keep playing with mods in your game, remove the archipelago mod


Hehe :smiley: i sent Rayya on Vacation
Good to know so it wont break it :slight_smile:


Kingdoms and Castles in Stonehearth?


So i finally created a tiny little intro for my videos. quiet simple and not too long :smiley:

Granary and Windmill Styled Kingdoms and Castles Buildings
Today i build a Granary and the Windmill. I really miss having the Windsail from the amazing Café mod but this will have to do until Café is ready for A23 :slight_smile:


Mason Gets his House


Tavern, Roads and Mining
Kingdoms and Castles Inspired Buildings


Will be gone over the winter :slight_smile: have a great xmas and holiday :smiley:


And to you as well @Banto


an Episode before i leave again :slight_smile:
Going away a few days and back again around the New Year :slight_smile:
Happy New Year in Advance! :slight_smile:


Oh wow, what a cute village : ), thanks for sharing and Happy Holidays!