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Latest Stonehearth Livestream is Up on Youtube


Livestream Tonight 7PM GMT+2
see you guys then :slight_smile:


Castle Town Livestream Part 2

Next Livestream
Thursday 7pm GMT+2


Craft the World
Not Stonehearth but a pretty interesting cool dwarf colony game :slight_smile:


Walling our Kingdom


Finally back again!
Checking out the mod Never Furrow Fields in this video @Wharp
Thanks for such a simple super useful mod


Awesome video :grin: :grin: You are correct about patrolling and other stuff about Never Furrow Fields mod can’t wait for more!


Thanks for making this i love it! :slight_smile:


No problem, if you have any ideas for other tweaks, I’d love to dig into em. :grin: Let me know.


New Episode | Farm Life Part 2


I really like how the farming area is coming along, lol. Youre using cookmod correct?


Thank you :slight_smile: yepp more delicious food :slight_smile:


Building the Windmill
Time to make a Windmill with help of the Windsail from the Café Mod :slight_smile:


Chicken Pasture
Finally a real home for the Poyo’s


Big Farm House
Building a pretty Big House in todays episode


Expanding the Farm
More houses to the farming area of Bantonia


Pulling Together
Today i start connecting the town a bit more and tidy up a few things.
Recently also reconfigured every single box around the town to make them all better fitting for where in town they store the Bantonian Goods

I have some ideas for making a Tall Tower District in the town soon.


Speed Build - Triple Tower Resident
a build for the Kingdom of Bantonia once i start working on the Tower District
Longest video i have worked with so far hope you guys enjoy :slight_smile:
Many many more houses will be part of the Tower District later on


19:00 / 7 PM GMT+1 SUNDAY
Link at first post to livestream

finally back again with a new stream :slight_smile:


Livestream starting in about 20min on Twitch :slight_smile: