[YouTube] StoneHearth Banto



Will do soon :smiley: !
Looks like a really nice fun mod to try


Giant Castle Stairs
Gonna be long to get all this done up there but gonna be worth it :smiley:


Livestream is up and starting soon


Wanted to try something different so made this new tower today :slight_smile: think it turned out pretty good.
Combined the Tower with some Rock and Grass going up to it


how did you place doors and windows in non walls? i am trying to design something but i need the walls to place doors and stuff


You have to remove slabs for the size of the Window / Door 2x2 is for small window and normal door is 3x4 i think :slight_smile: then just use the P for placement hotkey and place out an object on the building.
Stuff must be crafted before to be able to add to it.


Alright thank you! I will start building! I am also statring with watching your series and it looks good ^Β’^


:smiley: no problem it’s really useful :)!
Thanks glad you like it :)!


Frostfeast 2016 Episode 1
This is amazing so far love the work these guys made with this mode <3


Frostfeast Episode 2


Banto Gaming
Made a drawing not done that in a while so was fun and relaxing as always :slight_smile:
Hope you all will have a Good XMAS and Frostfeast this year :)!


Updated with more templates from Arkas
link at first post

Tower for wall


Beautiful Canes
Finally back again after being sick after xmas :slight_smile:


Big Santa


The Cultists


Livestream is Up!


Livestream "The Island"
had a bit of trouble in this one. i never ever seen 4 mauroders come in at day 12 >_<


Stream starting in about 10min :slight_smile:


Island Livestream Ep 2


Frostfeast Episode 6