[YouTube] StoneHearth Banto



Storing Stuff


Next Livestream Monday Next Week :slight_smile:


Building Arkas Barrack


Barrack of Arkas
New livestream starting also at 19:00 CET 30min from now :slight_smile:


you should take a turn in the communtiy raya’s game :slight_smile: it would really push the quality of the area :slight_smile:


New Episode 16 is Up!
Very different type of style for this. Wanted to try something different :slight_smile:


Next livestream tomorrow starting around 19:00 CET :slight_smile:


Ogo Skullbonker is coming to Arkas


Curving Town

Still have a lot to learn about curving roads but will get better overtime :slight_smile: was some weird thing going on in this one with the road


New livestream is up now


there are pixel curve generators online that work perfectly. PErhaps something to consider :slight_smile:


Thanks gonna check it out :slight_smile: any link?


I tend to use 1 of these 2 depending on my preference, but there are a lot more out there


Thanks :slight_smile: first one seemed nice and simple


Giant Staircase in Arkas
This eventually gonna go up to my big castle area that i have planned for the future :slight_smile:


Livestream about to start :slight_smile:
Link at first post in this thread to the stream


Bows & Walls
Finally getting some Archers in Arkas!


Livestream starting in about 10 min :)!
Link at top post


Building up the Mountain

New Livestream today at 19:00 / 7 PM CET
Link at top post


do a frostfeast run :slight_smile: