[YouTube] StoneHearth Banto



Expanding our Town Arkas


Beautiful Teleportation
Some nice teleport command to move stuff around to make towns more beautiful


Zoidbergs Clinic


Building Boats Silverrock episode 28
Still a bit sick but wanted to make another one :slight_smile:


Protecting Town - Arkas Episode 6
Finally back after being sick for about 2 weeks >_<


really loving your building skills


Thanks man :slight_smile: glad you do!


I’m really liking your Stonehearth videos! Keep up the amazing work!


Thanks ! :smiley: will do!


Building the Arkas Hotel

Tomorrow there will be a new livestream at 19:00 / 7PM CET if everything goes to plans :slight_smile:


Livestream Tonight at 19:00 / 7PM CET
See you then :slight_smile:


Livestream Starting Soon


Seen you have been busy :wink: Keep it up


Building the Hotel
Time to finish what i started :slight_smile:


The Gate
a bit of black borders when OBS Studio decided to ninja change resolution :confused:


The Bazaar
added new templates from Arkas at the first post


New Dining House in Arkas


I’ve been watching your videos for a few days now. Awesome builds and great videos.


Thank you very much :D! glad you like my buildings and videos! :slight_smile:


Expanding Arkas
Town is growing and it’s starting to feel more and more as a Real Town with activities going on at the center of town