[YouTube] StoneHearth Banto



Most likely will be tomorrow instead :slight_smile: hope you get better soon!


Next livestream today around 19:00 CEST
Link at top post to channel


`Mustve missed it, but Twitch didnt load this evening.


Yeah but Twitch seemed a bit strange to me at this time also not sure if something was wrong with it or not :slight_smile:


Mountainvale Livestream Episode 6
Got some new houses up in this one :slight_smile:

Next livestream not set might be tomorrow but not sure yet


Silveerrock Episode 23

Next episodes there will be some Harbor and Boats built :slight_smile:


Next Livestream Monday 10th October 19:00/7PM CEST

Started making some 3D art outside of Stonehearth not sure if we are allowed to post it here or not :slight_smile:
Making some low poly stuff which i really enjoy so far

Have a great weekend!


Starting Livestream in about 10-15min


Mountainvale Livestream Ep 7 Up on YouTube


any kind of special program you are using?


Using Blender for the 3D :slight_smile:
Free and awesome


Really love the amazing work youโ€™re putting into your videos and content. Keep it up!


Silverrock - Building the Harbor
Starting to work on the harbor and soon some boats


Building Boats / Ships
Stonehearth Silverrock Episode 25


Nice ship!!!
Are you going to make more? And are you going to share them?

I tried making some to include in the archipelago mod as default templates for the biome, but I lack the skills.


Thanks man :slight_smile: yes i will be making more ships and different kinds and sizes :slight_smile:
They are a bit tricky for sure to make.

Probably will share them here later on also i try to share most that i make or gets requested from the towns


Building more Boats / Ships
a bit troublesome atm to place ships in the water with the Removal bug of stuff under surface but it works this way atleast


Connecting Harbor


Moving to the Desert - Arkas Episode 1
Taking a break with Silverrock until next week and checking out the Desert with Rayyaโ€™s Children :slight_smile:


Arkas Episode 2 - Building the First House
Quiet a new experience for me to build these houses.
Fun with some variation