[YouTube] StoneHearth Banto

a Glorious Cleric Hero
finally they can feel more safe?

a New Big Combined Building :jubilant:
think it turned out neat

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New Ace Update

Zilla has come to burn us! :fire:

**Farming around the Windmill

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Merry Frostfeast 2019 :snowflake: :merry:
ho ho ho


:santa: Frostfeast and Dragons? :dragon:
a lot is going on in New Bantonia

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Hestia has come to visit us in the Winter Seasons :snowflake:
showing the early start of our upcoming cozy feasting tavern :merry:

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Moar of the Feasting Tavern for Frostfeast :snowflake: :santa:

Time to build our Great Frostfeast Tavern :jubilant:

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:snowflake: Frostfeast Tavern :snowflake:
seems we might be able to celebrate with a great feast before winter ends if nothing goes wrong :merry:

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:snowflake:Livestreaming a New Town with Rayyas Children over on Twitch:snowflake:
a new mod Jewels of the Orient will be tried out for the first time today expect new animals and coffee! :coffee::merry:
will be live very soon

Jewels of the Orient - Livestream Episode 1 is Up
splitting streams into smaller chunks but the pure stream is up on Twitch 4.5hours already.

:dromedary_camel:Jewels of the Orient - Stonehearth Livestream Starting soon :video_game:

Livestreaming Tonight with the New Muramasa Kingdom Mod
lets have an relaxing, creative night together on the livestream :slight_smile:
thanks all of you modders out there for keeping Stonehearth Fresh and Alive :merry::heart:


About to go live again with another Muramasa Stream

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Going Live Tonight again with more of the Japanese Kingom Mod
link found above this post

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New episode up with Clan Muramasa - Livestream Episodes
uploading them if anyone cant watch streams or prefer them on YouTube.
Much more parts coming soon as we keep playing :merry:

Playlist Clan Muramasa

Going live tonight again on Twitch 6pm / 18:00 CET
link found in post above this

Starting stream in about 50 min on Twitch
Tonight we will continue with out Japanese Town in Stonehearth and hopefully even get our Castle Done β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘Šhttps://t.co/xnAfN83uq6#twitch @Twitch #stonehearth #indiegame pic.twitter.com/hxRWoS9k8e

β€” BANTO (@B4NTOtwit) April 1, 2020

Going Live Tonight 18:00 / 6pm CEST
:cherry_blossom: Japanese Kingdom :cherry_blossom: and maybe final boss?