[YouTube] StoneHearth Banto

IΒ΄m back with a New Stonehearth Series
gonna be interesting to shape this new town and do something less β€œviking” this time even tho i love the β€œviking” theme :slight_smile:

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Episode 2 is here and showing some of the future houses

Episode 3 Auto Golem Guns

a Rare Protector :cat:

Windmill for our New Town

Livestreaming Tonight on YouTube :merry:
Tonight 19:00 / 7 pm CET - visiting the video also shows hours until stream gets live

there is an vote on my community page kingdom to play and currently Firefly is leading.


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me, internally: β€œHa, suck it default game kingdoms!, but yeah bruno beating me in popularity is fair enough :stuck_out_tongue:, those goblins are kinda cute”

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Loads of Raids in the New Episode

Upcoming Livestream Thursday 18:00 / 6pm CET

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a Glorious Cleric Hero
finally they can feel more safe?

a New Big Combined Building :jubilant:
think it turned out neat

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New Ace Update

Zilla has come to burn us! :fire:

**Farming around the Windmill

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Merry Frostfeast 2019 :snowflake: :merry:
ho ho ho


:santa: Frostfeast and Dragons? :dragon:
a lot is going on in New Bantonia

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Hestia has come to visit us in the Winter Seasons :snowflake:
showing the early start of our upcoming cozy feasting tavern :merry:

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Moar of the Feasting Tavern for Frostfeast :snowflake: :santa:

Time to build our Great Frostfeast Tavern :jubilant:

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:snowflake: Frostfeast Tavern :snowflake:
seems we might be able to celebrate with a great feast before winter ends if nothing goes wrong :merry:

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:snowflake:Livestreaming a New Town with Rayyas Children over on Twitch:snowflake:
a new mod Jewels of the Orient will be tried out for the first time today expect new animals and coffee! :coffee::merry:
will be live very soon

Jewels of the Orient - Livestream Episode 1 is Up
splitting streams into smaller chunks but the pure stream is up on Twitch 4.5hours already.