[YouTube] StoneHearth Banto



Friday 19:00 / 7pm
Saturday & Sunday 18:00 / 6pm
All times in CET

link in first post of this thread


About to go live on Twitch :slight_smile:


Live again today on twitch right now!


Streaming again!
Today we will try to get a Legendary Weapon!


We got it and it was amazing! shoots thunder everywhere :jubilant::hammer: :cloud_with_lightning:


Saltfjord Episode 2
The Adventure continues
I will try to divide these stream episodes into 1-3 hour chunks.


Saltfjord Battle with the Chieftan
So i have decided to make stream episodes into ~1hr parts instead
Will figure more out how to do them better as we go :slight_smile:

Really love playing as Vikings with Nordling Kingdom even tho we had a lot of Stream and Game Issues as this has been going :smiley:


and as usual, ill try to fix whatever you found which is broken :’)


Vikings Raiding Bugs on Livestream :wink:


Shrine of Thor
:open_mouth: an amazing New Shrine fit for the Vikings


Bantonia is Back
It was time to get back into Bantonia and add more gongs to fight more monsters


Saltfjord Episode 9 - in pursuit of a legendary weapon!



Bantonia Ep#25
Today we continue our fight against Kobolds, Ogres and Orcs


Yaay something to watch tonight :slight_smile: got any streams (semi) planned banto?


:smiley: hopefully this weekend but wont schedule one atm but if i go live on weekend it prob will be around 18:00-19:00


I’ll keep an eye out for an announcement like you usually do if you do :stuck_out_tongue:


Battle a Warchief


Thunder Struck
It’s Legendary Time


Farming Community
decided to show some of the future building for the farm area.
still work in progress and more houses might be added and more things around the Farming Section of Town.