Youtube Stonehearth Animations Channel


Hello everyone, Filmed Voxel here!
I am going to share my YouTube channel with you all, and tell you that I shall attempt to upload once I finish my animations!
I would love some support, and I think you will love my work!
Link: YouTube

P.S. Leave comments below on an animation ideas.

             -Filmed Voxel


Your @Prof_Crafter, not Filmed Voxel, silly. :wink:


My YouTube is :wink:
Plus my other account name is Filmed Voxel


I feel betrayed…


Betrayed? :confused: Why?


He changed from @Prof_Crafter to Filmed Voxel


Well, you’re secretly some guy named Ethan instead of a lovable furry creature known as Newf…:stuck_out_tongue:


My name may be Ethan but how does that change me being a loveable furry creature?


This has gone off-topic. Please stop talking about other names of people, Filmed Voxel is an appropriate YouTube name, Prof_Crafter is far from the point.


@Prof_Crafter i was gonna subscribe only to find i had already…
why can’t one subscribe multiple times


I have seen a video and it looks awesome! Props! :stuck_out_tongue: