[Youtube] Jack Plays Games

Yo! Hello everyone.

The recent changes in Stonehearth have been making my exponentially excited (That is, if you graph my excitement you would find the ratio of consecutive dependent variables to be equal)! Since I am in love with this game, and I also love making videos, I have decided to combine the two together and create some videos showcasing this wonderful game.

The current video I mainly made to showcase the features of the game and help to promote it more! I plan on releasing a couple more episodes in the future to show off the building aspects, as well as to have a ton of fun!

Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions. Any feedback is wonderful!

(And in case you can’t have enough of my voice, here a link to my channel where you can find piles more of videos: Jack of Knaves)


Promoting the game is always cool!
Now, simple suggestion, a 1080p stream would be better to show it in an optimal condition.

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Thanks for the feedback! I agree, that would be a great way to showcase the game. My current setup won’t allow for that, but I’ll look into it in the future.

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