Youtube - Feedback (Gameplay)

This thread is mainly to get feedback from people of the community of what I should do better in this, more, what else to put in, what to get read of and so on! I appreciate any feedback from anyone!

I would suggest to make a farmer as soon as possible, although you have berry bushes… With the farmer you can plant some silkweed / flowers for your weaver / herbalist.

Also i would suggest to craft a lot of beds/tables/doors/windows/crates so you can sell them / your net worth will increase.

That was just the first episode, I have ton a lot of that already, I have the second episode here, thanks for some feedback though. StoneHearth - Episode 2 - Alpha 16

After watching this video, i would recommend to make use of the tables and chairs. This will improve the satisfaction of food.

EDIT: Thank you Quryx

Consumption is an english word but does not mean what you try to explain.

Chairs and tables improve the satisfaction of food. In other words. Build more chairs and tables to lower the food amount needed per hearthling who eats at a table