Yosmo78's mega suggestion post

Hey guys thank you for clicking on the link and taking time to read this. This game means so much to me as it does to many of you guys. I wanted to create a big thread for most of my ideas, that i will come back and elaborate on. I know the game is still in dev., but this thread is some of the features I want to see most.

Here is the list:

1.Building specialization (you can designate a building for a specific function ex: workshop, dormitory, mess hall, etc. and buffs would be applied to the function that happens in there ex. crafters craft faster in workshop.)

2.Crops requiring water (engineer would build piping to bring water to the fields; however, close crops to lakes and rivers would not need piping)

3.A more medieval turret design for the engineer than the one that already exist, not the turnip one. Like a wooden contraption or miniature ballista. (I think we can keep the turret design if we require some sort of arcane tech or an item from the magma smith to make it; then I think the design would fit)

4.Enemies that spawn on cliffs above you or on a plateau below you should have the AI to build ladders, maybe out of bones, stone, or wood to climb up or down to get to your settlement. Or if the monsters are big enough climb/jump up or down the cliff walls .(if there is no possible preexisting path)

5.engineers give the traps to the trapper who can use them in heat of battle (but player can still manually place them) instead of placing himself. (to remove micro and utilize the skill that the trapper already has)

6.The ability to pack food in the hearthling’s backpack (button) for an adventure around the map. I could see this being useful when taking on dungeons in the future, but would come down to strategies when deciding what to put in limited space.

7.At slice (y) level 20ish bedrock appears and the player needs a miner class to dig it and below it where special ores would be found. Also miner would dig dirt and stone much faster than regular hearthling.

edit #1

8.Ability to dig and create wells. In order to get crops water before the player even comes close to an engineer, hearthlings should be able to dig wells and farmers can use them to fill buckets or watering cans to water crops. (This would mean crops require water and allow people to settle where there is no water source).

9.Ability to put holes in roofs in templates, the build editor and finished buildings. So i can have a ladder come up through the crenelated roof.

edit #2

10.Biome specific mobs/monster

11.Biome specific events/campaigns (maybe in the desert their is some type of raiders or scorpion riders, while in the forest you fight ents and druid mages)

11.5 on the point of ents in the forest, I believe they should not spawn in the desert, or if the devs want to keep them in the desert maybe the ents can have a desert re-skin to look like the acacia trees

Again I know the game is in dev. and could be changed at any moment, but seeing some of these ideas in the game would make it feel more fleshed out for me. Thank you for your patience to make it all the way here. Check back often for updates :smiley:! Also if you have any comments on my ideas post them below!


I get that this is your suggestion thread but I wanted to throw my two cents in here, if you don’t mind. :pensive:

The only two things I have issue with is #1 and #6

  1. Rather than buff the structure I think more assets need to be added, like wall mounted shelves that organize different tools a carpenter must craft to build different objects. So rather than buffing the structure, the structure is a necessary thing to build for a good carpenter.

  2. I think carrying around snacks should be something hearthlings do all the time. An expanded backpack for whole meals while not limited your 3 block pickup would be nice as well. OR simply trade off 1 slot in favor of food.

Other than that I like these ideas! Keep em coming :smile:

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I whole heartedly agree, @yshan can we have this…

also post now has 8 and 9 ideas with it.

Expanding upon number 8
Rainwater, whenever rain gets added.
Ceramic pots to store water for long periods of time before rotting (bugs/bacteria), just like food.
Cistern - Alternative to a well, when you are not able to find a vein of underground water, you can build a collection system that drains rainwater into an underground hole that fills from the bottom up, with a way to seal the top of the drain, to delay rot. (hardcore water mechanics and game logic required for this to be done properly).
Showers and sinks could be added to the list of things hearthlings need for quality of life, productivity, disease prevention and cooking.
Mops, if dirt and grime become a thing in the future- just giving your workers more work.
Panning for gold. Craft a pan, find a shallow river, search for gold dust and gold nuggets.
Expand engineering- Requiring Steam Engines, Pistons and Springs. Mine dirt and running it through a sluice to find the dust and nuggets within on a massive scale.


added some more ideas (10 and 11). give me some feedback on what you think?

Again, expanding on #10, Specific Biome Mobs
Elevation specific mobs.
Examples (tameable / consumable / material producing creatures):
Birds in nests on the sides of cliffs and in tall trees. (Eagles & hawks) etc.
Mountain goats, sheep in plains and hills.
Deer in the forest biome.
Salmon streams. (Waterfalls…something else to add to the water expansion, might as well also add hot springs and geysers)

As a note I think it would be much better to simply leave the creature expansion to non-hostile mobs. First of all the AI for hostile mobs attacking nearby creatures as well as hearthlings would be a huge performance / optimization problem but also I feel that Hearthstone combat is intended to be much less random and more wave / event / location based and adding random encounters may take away from the big town fights and make exploring more of a chore than it needs to be. I think it would be much more appropriate if they planned on including caves / caverns / forest enclosures / mountain tops to the places where hostiles would spawn and fortify very predictably ( maybe even with unique structures).

All in all, I think this would make the world feel a lot more lived in and make the world feel much more active and interesting to play and make those unique map seeds have a ton more value.