Wrong description Job Abilities Trapper

The job abailities description in the character info screen only show the description for “double shot”

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have a trapper.
  2. Click on character info > tab Job Abilities.
  3. Hover over (any) trapper level.

Expected Results:
An accurate decription of the skill belonging to that trapper level

Actual Results:
All levels show a description of “double shot” when hovered over

The trapper was level 4. I haven’t checked if this happens at different levels, but i presume so, since all levels are affected.
This bug only shows up in the character info\job abilities tab. The “change job” screen is unaffected.

Version Number and Mods in use:
Release-864 (x64)[m]

System Information:
Processor > Intel® Core™ i5-6400 CPU @ 2.70GHz
Video Card > NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950
RAM > 8.0 GB
Operating System > Microsoft Windows 10 (build 17134), 64-bit

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