Writer's Workshop Theme Bank

greetings folks!

in a similar fashion to the live stream question bank, and to provide an ongoing source of themes for future competitions, it seemed best to create this thread…

  • sample entry: “My suggestion is Where did the Dwarves come from

  • like as many posts as you want in here… that way we can gauge levels of interest for each respective theme/ topic…

just like with previous writer’s workshop theme suggestion threads, simply make your suggestion here… folks can then vote on them to show their interest…

given that this will be an ever expanding list, please dont feel the need to spam with a dozen ideas all at once, and we will pull from this list as needed (not necessarily based on the most votes)…

so… fire away! :smile:

My Idea; The Forging of a Kingdom


Close encounters of the Bunny Kind

theme would be a town or characters first contact with the underground bunny race


My adventures in an alternate plane


A merchant visits from The Ascendency

A tale of two towns
(paraphrasing certain harvest moon game).


My Little Steam punk adventures.
(Anything that qualifies as steam punk, For example: of a town built entirely on top of a volcano with the town running off of it’s heat.)

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The Burning, and how we were changed forever

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As the Year Advances The trials, treasures, and tribulations of the cycle of the seasons, and how the people survive and thrive through it all. Perhaps a tie to a Harvest/ New Year festival?

A world that always changes.

Tell me about the world. Try to keep all the stories in the same world, Don’t bother to describe the entire world, but don’t go too detailed. Give me stories, not stories of people, but stories of EMPIRES!

Tales of a lost god.

something along the lines of where the baddies come from or the story of a god turned evil.


**The Story of a Seafarer
There’s pirates out there, right? What bounties and dangers await the settlers across the nautical horizon?


Don’t forget the smugglers.

My idea: A game of voxels: a Song of Ice and Admins

My other idea: Outcasts, No hopers and criminals

A group of banished people wander through the wilderness searching for salvation

Must include:
A character called Tod
A mer burly hands reference
2 deaths

On Mountains that Loom Above

What would life on those dreary, yet majestic plateaus rising over the forests be like? How will the settlers gather materials, and fight off their enemies?

And what, if anything, lurks beneath them…?


Oh, It’s normal, right?

Write a story about how the lives of stonehearthians differ, preferably when one member visits/moves to another society.

Don’t mean to necro, just had a cool idea:

Fall of a Kingdom, Due to Betrayal.

Shady character makes him/her-self influential in a kingdom, kills the leader (King, Chief, etc.), kingdom falls into disarray in his/her tyrannical rule.

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We’re not having the contest right now, so you just necrobumped a thread that is, or was, dead.

Your theme is good, but, yeah.

Slow Claps

Bravo sir, bravo.

A drifter with a past.
that’s all I can think of…

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