World Center Camp Stand

So, because I"m anal about symmetry, I did some math, and found something that bothers me a little.

The world is made up of chunks. Each chunk is 32x32 tiles. The little square on the map selection screen (unless you’re close to the edge) is basically the chunk that is the center of your map. SO, if you’re like me, and start your town in the dead center of your map, you have a 2x2 tile set that essentially is the dead cetner of your map.

Here’s my problem. The Camp Stand is only a singe tile wide, so you can’t place it in the dead middle of the map; it will forever be more in one direction.

Thus, I propose the flag should stay the same model and everything, but be centered on a 2x2 instead of a single tile set. On top of that, the area in which trade goods are recieved around it, should start one tile away from the flag to prevent items from being on top of it.


Ha Ha! Ya, I totally agree! I am super OCD when it comes to my build themes and organization. Honestly, I just move the pennant to a location that I don’t have to see that often and then place the fire pit as my center since its 2x2.

um…I thought the fire pit was 3x3…


Oh your right! my bad, but I guess i find it as less obvious than the pennant. They could maybe make the fire pit 4x4 (that may make a bit too big, idk) I agree though, odd numbers are very annoying lol


in my opinion they should change it to odd numbers, as most stuff we get is 1 or 3 “blocks”,there isnt much stuff that is 2 “blocks” wide… but then again i might just be going crazy…

That really shouldn’t make much difference as the map we have at the time is mostly placeholder for the near infinite world that will be later on…


i’ll second this… too many goods end up perched atop the standard! :smile:

this… :+1:


According to the Twitch Streams, this is still in debate to whether it will happen or not…unless I’m missing other information.

It has been mentioned on multiple occations at least.

I normally sleep 2 am which is when the stream is made and is often using my time on other stuff so i don’t really get to watch all of them.

I have not heard about it being for debate yet.