Workers only organizing resources if prompted

Summary: Materials which are gathered throughout the game (food, wool) are left on the ground, despite there being containers marked for their acceptance, holding them already with extra room, but hearthlings will leave them on the ground. However, if I modify (normally just uncheck and recheck the same container filters) the existing criteria, only then does it prompt an update for the hearthlings to actually gather resources, which they do, until the containers are full. If the materials are then used or sold, they will not refill anything until I prompt them.

This is an A14 map playing on A15, which may have an effect?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make a farm, put down a container (I’ve been using 64 slot stone ones)
  2. Filter the container to farm goods
  3. Wait for harvest
  4. Watch the harvested materials fall all over the farms, and the container remain empty
  5. Uncheck (set to “none”) and recheck the filters for the container
  6. Watch hearthlings fill it up

Expected Results:
Hearthlings will gather resources and sort them.

Actual Results:
Nothing happens.

Version Number and Mods in use: 537, map from A14 stable (unsure of release number, but the official A14).

Follow up:

It looks like Hearthlings will only fill one container with a given filter. For example, I have 4 containers set to hold just food containers, however, hearthlings will only fill into the most recently created/updated one. Once it’s full, then the overflow begins (and the lack of refilling, once items are sold out of their focus chest).

Hmm…something for @yshan. I know there were some filtering issues back in the A15 unstable builds, but I thought they were fixed for the stable release…

maybe related to Trapper is not always collecting loot from trapping grounds

I also encouterd some non collecting stuff bugs, but wasn’t able to connect them.
also I hate it to manually loot my village after fighting enemys inside my city -> “My City my loot, so put it in my stockpile!”