Workers idle even with resources

I have two in construction buildings, but all of a sudden my workers stopped building it, and when I checked it says they’re “Idle”. I have checked, and I do have wood, both kinds, and other resources, so that shouldn’t be a problem.
I have also tried making them pick up berries, or go mining, but they’ve done neither. Nor am I able to promote them to a different job.
I’ve looked around my screen, and I can’t even find them anywhere. When I click on, say, the footman, the game automatically brings me to that footman, but when I click on one of the workers, the game sends me to the forest next to my base, and I can’t see any workers around there.

Are they underground at all? Try the slice tool to see underground. If they are stuck that might be why they are idling.

No I don’t see them anywhere in the wall …

Huh? That’s weird. If they’re not underground perhaps they are in the sky?
Did they went to the alternate hoe plane? :neutral_face:

Have you looked between the trees at the ground level?

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Sometimes when hearthlings go onto a roof they dissappear. Eventually they’ll get hungry and come down, if that’s the problem.

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