Workers Build Scaffolding Around Already Finished Building

I placed a pre-fab Shared Sleeping Quarters in my town. After it was finished, the workers had erected a ladder to place a lantern on the wall, but never placed the lantern.

I manually placed a lantern at the spot where it was supposed to go. Suddenly, the ghosts of ladders sprung up all around my building. Then my workers proceeded to build up the ladders and fill in scaffolding between them. It’s been a little while in gameplay now and it’s still all there.

The building is still functional as sleeping quarters for new hearthlings. It’s just weird.


well thats strange indeed. perhaps try removing the lantern so they can place it down from the blueprint? because you placed it manually it might not have registered that the lantern was placed and they may be trying to place on before taking the scaffolding down…

I’ve had some issues with build orders like this as well. I’ve found that if a build order is there, do not cancel or place the item yourself. It effectively breaks the game. I attempted to move one of my beds from the grass to a house since my hearthlings wouldn’t take it automatically. Never again… Instead the bed was placed in limbo and could not be moved at all. From that point on I had a bed that couldn’t be destroyed or moved…

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I constructed this whole message before noticing it had already been reported. It’ll function as a confirmation then, I suppose.

Summary: Way too many ladders were placed when I attempted to place a wall-mounted item on a nearly-finished building (48:30). All the ladders were built (48:53), and then my workers reconstructed all the scaffolding that they had already torn down before (start at 48:55; almost done by 52:26), and after all that was done still the item was not hung on the wall (57:44, where its somewhat ironic flavor text is visible). Finally I got several hundred seemingly related error messages (53:18).

Steps to reproduce: Might have something to do with the precise placement of it, just where a lower roof stopped, because other similarly placed items gave no problems (48:24; 48:38).


Versions and mods:
No mods; latest release version in Steam at the time of writing, version 0.1.0 (release 393) x64, according to the title screen.

System information:
DxDiag 2015-06-07.txt (66.6 KB)

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