Workaround: How to fix broken Amberstone campaign


One of the encounters of the Amberstone campaign was broken after recent changes. Here’s how to fix it:

  1. Enable the debugtools mods in the Mods menu.
  2. Load the affected savefile.
  3. Open the campaign browser (little book icon next to the sun widget):
  4. Click on the quest_entry text in the amberstone campaign, and then click on Trigger 14_chase_scene_intro:

This will trigger the dialog again. You can choose another option, or if you have downloaded the patch from December 20th (r943) that fixes this encounter, you can choose to protect again, and find the kobolds in your map. After killing them you should see the “A grateful rabbit” notification and the campaign will proceed as usual.

You need to trigger the encounter mentioned in step 4 so that it will get cleaned up properly.

Hope this helps.