Wood textures please!

Hi so I’m working on this big new build and what keeps frustrating me is wood textures. When I make a big stone building I know how to make it look good with different colors and patterns but wood just doesn’t work. The colors are to flat and I was wondering if someone already made like a wood texture pack?

For example wat Minecraft has got.

image image

I think it can give so much more depth to a build.

while i fully agree, the blocks are as far as i know, all solid collor. and as far as i know there isnt really a way to change this since they arent set up for textures of any kind. though i suspect @Pawel_Malecki knows more about the limits of the game there then i do (since he tends to break them a lot…)

For wood patterns, I take inspiration from plank floor textures; where any given plank may be lighter or darker than average. So, I might use three different shades of wood to create irregular “stripes”, simulating the idea that each plank/floorboard is a different piece of wood. However, this can be really difficult to keep consistent and not look like a random static-y design, so I often just go with a flat wood colour; usually mimicking whatever I’ve used for the upright supports.

For walls, I just mix up a variation on the “log cabin” look created by using two-block-wide stripes of a lighter and darker wood colour. To simulate really large logs I use a 2- or 3-block wide stripe with a single block wide highlight above it and a single block wide shadow colour below it; stack those up and you get a good impression of huge, chunky log walls (works equally well for horizontal or vertical logs.)

As of now it is impossible but Archmod will have a tool to make QB voxels.

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At the technical level, it can certainly be modded in. You can change the standard voxel shader to accept and use a texture parameter (or write a new shader), and you can set materials and material parameters in Lua. That’s how thought bubbles work. Getting it to look good is gonna be hard, and getting all surfaces to use textures would require you to update code that creates each of the involved surfaces (mostly the building editor and terrain generator).


@max99x actually it cannot be done the way you described because texture coords are not sent for voxel and Qubicle nodes, when I debug the shaders enabling them for all shaders they are accepted only by quad ones (bubbles and UI). Also given the simplicity of fragment shaders for color/albedo (right now they simply take vertex colour from vertex shader and alter saturation based on weather condition) it would require a massive reworking of the whole system.

It’s certainly easier to monkey-patch two renderers to perform an alternative rendering adding Qubicle nodes if a certain colour is used (I’ve already covered that and some more advanced concepts like adding nodes on top and bottom of the cube in Archmod prototype).

You can get world coordinates, and as long as your voxels are unscaled (as is the case for terrain and buildings), that maps directly to UV coordinates (you need to choose which two dimensions to use based on the normal).