Wood Conversion Bug

Wood Conversion Bug:

Wood seems to convert to different types of log when being de-constructed from scaffold:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Gather a new wood type, (Acacia).
  2. Build a structure.
    3)Wait for Hearthlings to de-construct said scaffold to receive regular wood logs

Assuming that your supposed to the the Acacia back, the expected result would be just that:

Instead the regular Wooden Logs are received resulting in diminishing wood type :

Possibly to do with Meta Data not being handled when constructing Scaffold, I doubt this would be an easy fix:

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Version: Dev-2720 Alpha 13


Wow @Freudian, I never would have noticed this, nice eye for detail! Going to ping @Albert and @not_owen_wilson on this, but as you mentioned, not sure if this would be an easy fix. Going to try calling @RepeatPan as well, in case he has some knowledge of scaffolding that might be of use…


I’m not an expert with scaffolds, but from what I know they’re quite old (they’ve been in the very first Alpha if I remember correctly) and from a time when there was just one type of wood. The whole splitting (one log is X scaffold, Y scaffold is one log) is a bit weird too, as in “I [personally] am not sure if that conversion rate is fixed”. I haven’t tested it, but I somehow got the feeling that it’s possible to dupe wood with scaffolding.

So, all things told, saving the metadata in the scaffold could be possible although, due to its one-log-many-scaffold natures a bit difficult. Especially since scaffold is just one big blob, so you’d need to say “This scaffold is 2 oak, 5 pine, 3 juniper, 4 acacia” or something like that.


I’m fairly certain the dupe of wood has to do with Hearthlings not restacking. :frowning:

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Yup, just noticed this bug is still present. Everything converts into oak. Not a huge issue but it’s a little weird, and it could matter if wood type ever starts mattering.