Wizards Class Pack Mod A21 (WIP)


Is that still the case?? I would LOVE to have wizards again!!! Miss them SO MUCH


I have been getting a crash when the blue wizard attacks but the other two wizards work just fine!


Unfortunately, as of 9/1/2018 it crashes the game. Such a cool mod though.


So… I was able to make a small mod that makes a version of Wizards playable! At the top there is a Google drive download link. It links to this file:
wizards.smod (497.6 KB)
It has no Artificer, the Herbalist makes the Tomes from leather. It makes getting Wizards early VERY easy. I did not modify this file at all.
I made this mod:
wizard_fixer.smod (4.0 KB)
It has 4 files changed:
wizard_blue, green, and red.json have this change:

"task_groups": [
      "stonehearth:task_groups:common_tasks", <----- (s) added to "group(s)
      "stonehearth:task_groups:restock",    <----- (s) added to "group(s)
      "stonehearth:task_groups:rescue",     <----- (s) added to "group(s)
      "stonehearth:task_groups:build",         <----- (s) added to "group(s)
      "stonehearth:task_groups:harvest"     <----- (s) added to "group(s)

data/effects/ice/shard/shard_effect.json has this change:

   "type": "effect",
   "tracks": {
      "splash1": {
         "type": "cubemitter",
         "cubemitter": "/wizards/data/horde/particles/ice/shard/shard.cubemitter.json",  <--- "/wizards" was "/stonehearth"
         "loop": true,
         "transforms": { "x": 1.5, "y": 0.5, "z": 0.0,
            "rx": 90,
            "ry": 90,
            "rz": 90

So now if you DL both of those links and drop them in you mod folder all three Wizards will promote and the Blue Wizard attacking doesn’t crash the game!

Just saying… I DID NOT create this mod! I only made the changes I stated here and they are in a separate mod called wizard_fixer.smod. I am taking NO credit for the creation of this awesome mod!
That being said, I will upload an update when I make the Artificer job work from the A22 link. As it is, if you promote an Artificer you can see them, but you cannot click their job in the job panel. If you select the Hearthling you can access the crafter panel and queue orders.
Thanks, and enjoy!


If anyone wants to look at the A22 release with wizard fixer installed to try to figure out the Artificer job button(:b:) I would add that fix in immediately! Basically you can promote and Artificer, and by selecting that hearthling, you can access the workshop, but you cannot open the jobs panel and select it (it is greyed out and says “requires Artificer” even when you have one)
I mean, we all want Wizards, right!?


Here it is! The A22 version of wizards, WITH the Artificer class and the fixer for it!
This works with the current release of Stonehearth (1.1?)
wizards.smod (694.9 KB)
wizard_fixer.smod (5.2 KB)
The Wizards mod, if installed by itself, WILL cause errors upon promotion and crash when the Blue Wizard attacks. Drop the wizards.smod and the wizard_fixer.smod into your stonehearth/mods folder and everything works!

Have fun with it!

I DID NOT create the Wizards mod! I am only presenting a fix so people can enjoy the hard work the author and creator of this mod and thread put in. Give all credit to them! I added like 5 s’s and corrected a couple of typo’s. That’s it! (ok, so I updated the en.json file a bit…:lying_face:)


Thanks Tacocat for making this playable. There is a lot of crafting involved to get a Wizard, and some materials may be hard to obtain, like Varanus skins.


I don’t see the artificer class on the jobs page, and I made the staff.

Maybe it’s a mod conflict. I do have quite a few. I’ll see if getting rid of some that add jobs will make it appear.

EDIT: I just got a new hearthling and only he can become an artificer. I guess it only works with newly spawned hearthlings. I don’t know if that’s a bug or a feature, but I’ll take it.