[WIP] Voxscarr Warfare - More Enemies and Tier-Up Contents

Just writing down a mod plan right now.

As I’m planning to do the full test and release the beta version of the Scholar Mod this weekend, I’m also planning to make another independent mod about tier-up and enemies. I’m planning to make this mod since it seems more important for the game.

The mod will be based on the max population value: 20. I will try to make the mod to be auto-balanced based on the population, but if it does not work, it will be based on 20 Hearthlings. Anyway, here’s my planning for the mod.

  1. Krogos & ‘the Horde’

More Orcs and Humanoid Monsters are coming! Krogos, the father of Ogos is not pleased with his expedition, so he and his armies are coming to claim Hearthlings!
I’m adding this first since it is easier yet effective. Some new monsters will be added, but mostly it will be just a status boost up for the Orcs.

  1. Voxscarr Empire

As the Hearthlings’ Engineers become famous, a giant empire, Voxscarr is craving for the new technology and a new colony!
This will be the major feature of the mod. Unlike the Horde, they will have different entities such as Pikesmen, Calvaries, and Trebuchets. They do not have strong status, but much more various attack patterns!

  1. Scourge

Then Liches(not Lich King) are craving for more flesh! They don’t care if you’re Orcs, Voxscarr Empire, or Hearthlings!

  1. Tier 2 Jobs - Rifleman(Engineer), Rogue(Tapper), Hunter(Archer), Vanguard(Warrior), Paladin(Knight) (No Tier up for Clerics.)

  2. More Equipments for new jobs

  3. More Turrets and Tonics

  4. Scholar Mod Extension - Mage Mod

  5. And More…?


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