(WIP) Modpack (Recontinued Orc Race)


Hey guys, im just making this forum/post to say that i’ve taken the Orc Race back up, im starting from scratch so i can oversee progress a bit better, but I will have some teasers this month (Probably)

What I Am Probably Including

  • New Races : Orc (being worked on), Merrish (to be announced), and Golem (designs coming after orc alpha is ready, aka teasers)
  • New Buildings (items, stuff like workshops, not too sure about what would be best though, could be removed)
  • Hopefully new enemies, Orcs will include a new enemy
  • Alpha testing will be available within this month or next month PROBABLY
  • New items, including Armor, Weapons, MAYBE new crops if I can

Disclaimer: The list is subject to change, aka stuff may be discontinued, Alpha testers will be randomly chosen (from anyone who asks), The times of everything on here may not be exact, for i cannot really tell that

Progress Place Thingy:
Teaser coming out for items, its a new type so we’ll see how well it works


Can’t wait to see some teasers!