[WIP]City of HeisenBerg

HeisenBerg :wink: started with little communty but grew very fast in the first few days.
But this attracted grudging Goblins who attacked the little settlement day by day.
After the Goblin set up a Camp near Heisenberg and some serious threats the little community,
which did not have enough people to fight of all those attacks, came to a decision to build a shelter in the mountains.

They dug a tunnel deep into the mountain but after a few days they surprisingly broke through a wall into a small hidden valley.
They instantly knew, THIS WAS THEIR NEW SHELTER.
Giant sturdy doors were build to seal the tunnel and to hold off every attack.

The defenses were strengthened and the valley was used to build bigger, better and safer homes.


I love your mountain city gates. Great shots of the town too.


I love how this has a crowded feel with a lot of detail, but it also feels like one of the big cities from the Kickstarter concept art.

I hope you keep working on it :jubilant:


Nice little back story and RPG-esque feel to your town. I like that you found a way to incorporate T2 buildings. For me, with little artistic ability, I find that the T1 template roofs clash a bit with the T2 roofs. This makes it look a bit cooler, showing two different sides of town.

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At first all my buildings had different roofs … I am not sure why I did change that … hmmm whatever :smile:

Such an awesome town! It has a quaint and cozy feel to it but with its own distinct character. I feel like the buildings and how they’re set in that mountain valley tells a story about the people living there, and that makes it even more interesting and impressive.

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