Windows 8 tiles

I am using an Win8 tile editor named Oblytile to create tiles for the start screen. As I haven’t found any fitting tiles previously made or any images fitted for the tile-sizes, I sat down making some simple ones for myself and now wanted to share them to others interested.

Since I’m a new user I cant put images in my posts but all the images I made alongside an image of the tile-editor showing my setup is in the link below.
Imgur album of all the tiles I made

These were made in a couple of minutes and might not be such good images for the smaller tiles so if anyone want to make more or better, please. The more the merrier!


hey there @Thizizmyname, welcome aboard! :smile:

sorry for my confusion, but you’re making SH themed tiles for win8 to launch SH, yes?

feel free to post links to images if you like, and either myself or @Geoffers747 can embed them for you…

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Precisely, with Oblytile you can create custom tiles for the Windows 8 start screen and I embedded a link to the images I made in the first post.