Why cant you miners spread out?

The miners always want to mine the exact same area. They actually get in each others way a lot of the time. I think this may have to do with the mining AI.

This seems quite inefficient.


If a creeper comes up behind them they want to be able to spin around and kill it before it blows. Safety in numbers and all that. Perhaps using that minecraft training video wasn’t the best idea after all…


From what I’ve seen of my Workers phasing in and out of each other when trying to mine, they’re all picking away at the walls, they’re just all cuddled up :stuck_out_tongue:

Are your Workers all piling together, but only one is actually chipping away at the mining zone?

The problem with them all bunching up, is that it is messing with the AI. They keep having to change their mind when they finish a column. If they each were giving a section then they would have to walk 1/3 the distance. Basically 2/3 of the walking each one is doing is having to pass the other guy if there are 3 people digging and increases for each person digging.

Further analysis shows that initially the units do a great job separating. But once they get distracted with food or sleep, causes the problem. They all return to mining but bunch up and mine the same area.