Who's hyped?!?!?!

who’s hyped about Windows 10? I know i am! :smiley:


ill take the free upgrade in 6 months after i have thoroughly asses all the pissing and moaning from every other early adopter :slight_smile:


Wise decision!
I think I’ll do the same…

I find previous comments somehow ironic considering we are playing a game in Alpha …


I can’t wait for the update either, i hope its not going to take a year for the upgrade to finish though


I’m almost more hyped for the Minecraft 1.9 snapshots releasing on the same day. It’s gonna be an interesting day - I wish I wasn’t so busy during it!


Spyware… No thanks! Don’t think Microsoft is doing this to be nice :stuck_out_tongue:

You have a smart phone :confused:
Large screen TV :confused:
Use a credit card :confused:
Pay any bills other than cash :confused:
Use any other OS :confused:
Steam (or anything like it) :confused:
Facebook (or anything like it) :confused:
Use a web browser :confused:
(could build more of a list)

Point: If they really wanted to spy on You, Just about any agency/company could if they wanted. Just part of the Demon for going digital (not bashing you or anything, just saying you might want to take the blue pill and live the dream).

To Answer OP: Yes I am.

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If they had such motives, they could definitely do that with a Windows 7 [also 8 and 8.1] update. Heck, I got some sort of update just today.

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They’re actually upgrading people for free because of how badly win8 and 8.1 failed. They need to get their numbers up or risk people realizing just what a shoddy, half-finished product they usually release…but they’ll develop things like desktop gadgets so you don’t notice the fundamental flaws in functionality and security lol

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@Soul, I go to massive extens to not be spied on and actually read privacy policies. “Use a web browser” - what? Heard of PrivacyBadger and not using Chrome?

@coasterspaul, they have done that. They have always spied on you but nobody cares.

@Boulderboy, thanks god they’re doing bad so that more people do some research into alternatives so their monopoly is destroyed :smile:

Well, not here to argue. But there you go, continue to protect your amazing company who do no harm to anyone :slight_smile:

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They are just desperate to maintain their real money-making product, Office. It people ever abandon Windows en masse, they will be more likely to explore other productivity software as well.

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I’m forced to use their OS for work. All of our clients have proprietary software devloped for the windows platform so we need to match. I’d just be ecstatic if they held off on releasing new versions until the last version is good

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You don’t like it, and that is fine
The whole point is, If any company wanted they could. No matter what you think… Lame with the ignorant fanboy junk, just because some ppl are excited about win10?

FYI you can disable all the “Spy” garbage…

PrivacyBadger is only as good as the person using it.

[quote=“Stian, post:11, topic:15047”]
Well, not here to argue. But there you go, continue to protect your amazing company who do no harm to anyone
[/quote] Really?!

Your not arguing but you felt the need to post your disdain for the product and the ppl who are excited about it? :roller_coaster: :frowning:

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Can you give me a picture showing how you can disable Microsoft’s data collection which sends in data every week about your computer trends, browser history and microphone data? Read their privacy policy and you understand.

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It’s During the the startup process, If you hit express setup your pretty much screwed. Use the customize option, and you can actively switch all the data collect junk off, updates/the in-house web data collection (if you use theirs :P), gps location collection.

Srry no screen shot, not going to go through all the customize options they have (again) I’m sure somebody will have it on the web, it’s pretty similar to the win8/ 8.1 setup also.
No it’s not the best thing since sliced bread either, but name 1 OS that is?

Like I said I wasn’t bashing you, just letting you know. More of a FYI deal, but hey it is what it is, you can do everything right and still get hit with the digital gremlins on anything.

As for microphone deal… I don’t use it.
yep read any OS privacy policy… I understand I take a risk using any OS.

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Windows has the START of a great program…but they’re under pressure to release new versions before the old version is a finished product. They focus on sparklies and all the pretty things that a casual home user would want to see (because that is their main market) and more advanced users are left scratching their heads over things like goofy image tiles that don’t tell you what you’re looking at instead of a nice organized menu. I’m fairly sure they just assume their clients can no longer read and won’t doing anything more advanced than searching for kitten pictures on Bing lol


This I agree with 1000%

That’s why many people say the PC time is over. And that’s why Microsoft has no clue on how to do, on one hand the market tell them the majority don’t need a PC anymore (a good tablet, mainly for entertainment + at best a simplified office is enough) but on the other hand their historic target (let’s say the “power users”) are lost if their habits are broken and problem, it’s this (now) minority who do the product feedback. So they cannot involve easily and are forced to do back steps while the concurrence is rocketing imposing new standards to the industry…

I agree. We’re at an odd stage in technological progression. Majority of users are moving to a touchscreen tablet at home, but work use can’t switch to touchscreen due to cost overruns and lack of functionality. A touchscreen on my main rig would result in my constantly wiping finger prints off the monitor so I can see fine detail on my mapping programs and needing three arms for keyboard shortcuts, mouse and touchscreen lol.

I hope we see options for disabling the tiles and touchscreen BS so we can navigate more effectively.