Who Am I – And If So, How Many? Me and the villager



I wanted to discuss the player’s relation towards his little villagers. What am I to them? Am I their major (- so where is my little avatar?) am I more like a god, or just the player who is commanding them?
I would like to discuss which sort of being you would like to be and how you would like to be represented in the game.


the team describes is at you are a god, controlling your units… we need a certain level of detachment, as Mer Burlyhands, while an outstanding builder, may end up being cannon fodder should things go south… :wink:


I think they already answered that.

You are the unseen hand of fate, that guides an intrepid group of colonists to greater glory or a sad end, depending on how well you do. No major avatar for you and gods don’t want to have anything to do with you as long you keep them supplied with booze and chow (purely as a sacrifice of course)


The hand of fate is on me now
It pick me up and knock me down
I’m on the run, I’m prison bound
The hand of fate is heavy now
I killed a man, I’m highway bound
The wheel of fortune keeps turning round
Turning round, turning round
I should have known it was a one horse town